How to order new or replacement sign faces that fit your sign perfectly

How to order new or replacement sign faces that fit your sign perfectly

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This is a basic guide for replacing existing sign plastic "faces" for different types of signs. If your sign isn't covered here, contact us (below) with a photo of your existing sign.

You will need:
A measuring tape.
A camera (or use your smartphone camera) to photograph a few details.
You may need an assistant to help with a ladder if the sign is above reach and with writing down the dimensions discussed below.

Let's begin.
Always take safety precautions when working around sharp sign cabinets, plastic and on a ladder.
To direct you to the right kind of sign replacement or new printed sign face, we need a few things.
Here's a handy checklist.




_____ Height of sign plastic in inches

_____ Width/length of plastic (add all dimensions if not rectangular)

_____ Does the sign have a letter track or a business name? (circle)

_____ If it has a letter track, measure the printed letter height and clear plastic height.

_____ Kind of plastic sign face: (_____ flat | _____ pan formed | _____ Ridged)

Photos we need (optional but helpful)

_____ The entire sign (have the sun behind you if at all possible)

_____ Closeup of the sign face track (where the sign plastic slides into the frame) with a measurement of the sign plastic thickness.

_____ If it has letters, photo of letter.

That's it. You can send this in with the details we need and we'll watch for the photos (send photos to

See this informative short article for some of the different kinds of sign faces available and how to tell them apart.

Need a whole new sign? We can help. Send your specs to us today.

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