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ART: What we require to print your art and photos

What kind of file do I need for printing?

For accuracy, we prefer an Illustrator vector file with text converted to outlines. Save to send in native format (.ai in CS6) to the finished printing proportions. No placed files [See: what is a placed file? below] We can use a Photoshop PNG or PSD file for full color reproduction and for printing gradients, tints, shadows and shading. File must be created in layers with the background color as the base layer. File must be sent at print size.

What is Vector Art?

Artwork which is vectored contains only bezier curves, a mathematical algorithm that allows us to infinitely enlarge the image without losing resolution. 

This allows us to enlarge the art to the print size without losing detail.

Don't have time to spend with art programs?
Our Art Department can make it for you for a separate fee.

What do I need for my order?

Awning Letters, decals, reflective letters and vinyl cutting: Vector file
Printing table cloths, banners, full-color signs: PNG or Vector files

We require a vectored file for screen printing, and can accept a PNG file for full-color printing. The PNG file MUST be set with a transparent background, no interlacing, cmyk colors and be at printing size (a 3x10 banner would have a 3x10 foot art file in PNG or an AI (vector) file which would be much smaller).
Other files may require a set-up charge to make printable. Photoshop file must be a minimum 150dpi at print size.

My file is a jpg, gif, doc or ppt (or something else). Would this work?

Our art department may be able to recreate your project for a separate fee. We'll quote your art project separately on receipt of your art.

Custom art work created from customer request and requirements is not refundable.

I don't understand the terms or words.

You don't have to. Send us the file you have, and we will evaluate it for you, free.
Be certain to include contact information. See "How to send art" above right.
File Format Requirements PNG: Send at final print size AI: Send as vector CS4, no placed files PSD: Save as PNG, clear background Other formats- Ask first. How to send art Use wetransfer or your own dropbox. Send to our website address.