Select the Right Sign Face for your sign

These are the V3 Replacement Sign Faces

Sign faces with track Sign faces with NO track Accessories
Portables: V3 Fiberglass POPULAR V3 Fiberglass panels Letter Sorting Cabinets
Portables: V3 Polycarbonate V3 Polycarbonate panels Flex Letters
Permanent: Flat, pan-formed Marquees: Flat, pan-formed Rigid Letters
Permanent: Planked, pan-formed FLEXIBLE Letters Track Track: FLEX or RIGID
Outdoor Signs America Kits RIGID Letters Track Rivets and  Parts

Custom sign faces with rigid track are ideal for windy areas and long-lasting signage. 

Our Pronto Letters have a Gemini Lifetime Replacement Warranty
Standard V3 sign faces with flex track for flexible letters flex letters for flexible track signs
The wavy GlasSteel sign panels are made with standard flex track for flexible letters, available here.

These three popular size V3 Fiberglass panels for the portable readerboard signs: 72" wide x 40" tall  •  96" wide by 40" tall  •  96" wide by 48" tall There are also custom sign faces made with rigid track for windier installations and for our rigid Pronto Letters, too. 

Need flat sign faces? Although the original flat OSA faces are no longer made 
and only fit the original OSA sign cabinets we can make the flat faces in acrylic and polycarbonate, too. Just send a request.