What is a "Placeholder Freight Charge"?

Good question!
When purchasing online using a credit card, our check-out system automatically adds a fee to cover a part of the average cost of freight. Each freight address and destination must be quoted by the freight company for your specific delivery address and situation) and part of the cost of boxing/palletizing or crating for shipping.

In 88% of orders, the freight and boxing/palletizing costs add up to more than the placeholder charge, and once determined, a new bill is sent for the balance. If your delivery address is on or near a main road within 1 or 2 states of Kentucky, you may actually find that the costs are covered or get a refund on the unused balance.

When you request the cost of freight prior to ordering, we find the best rate and send you an invoice with the breakdown of all the costs, prior to ordering.

So you have these options:
[1] Order online, select a placeholder freight, and we bill you for the difference, once we know the true costs.
OR [2] Contact us with this form: What is the freight cost? We will send you an invoice for secure online payment.