I want to sell LetterBank's Cover-Over Awning Panels

Welcome to LetterBank.
We're currently accepting applications from a few qualified individuals with experience in graphics, sales and signage. If you have experience in one or two of these, we will consider

remote training the qualifying individual.

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LetterBank makes custom signs and sells DIY sign products through the MyDIYsigns.com site. Qualified sign shops and designers can sell MyDIYsigns products by purchasing themselves, or blind drop shipped directly to your customers for a slight extra fee. Almost any of the product categories* qualify for resale (*the exceptions are the 9 readerboard sign models which are already sold at a discounted price).

Selling LetterBank's Awning Cover-Over Panels for Awnings is a unique opportunity, as we currently currently only sell directly by quote and through a few select sign shops nationwide.
We do not advertise, save for infrequent posts on social media, so the field is wide open. 

About LetterBank's Awning Cover-Over Panels for Awnings.
What it is: This is a very thin, woven sheet of self-adhesive fabric with fabric wording applied directly to it, so it goes on in one smooth piece. Larger panels may be sectioned for lower cost in production and easier application.
The material we use is our own DuraStik (sometimes sold under different product names). The panel system allows the purchaser to cover over the part of the awning which may have an old business name on it, or that may have paint, or that is worn and faded. It is usually far less than half of the cost of replacing an awning, and consistent, unlike paint. This material will stay on the awning during a storm, high and very low temperature, and even stay on a weather-damaged awning.

We're working on creating logo panels with full color logos or complete full-color panels as well, and believe this will be a good seller.

Pricing LetterBank's Awning Products.
Although we can suggest a price at 20% to 30% above cost, only you know your immediate market, so committing to doing a little research will help you if you're serious about making a good stream of money.

Independent Ads.
All advertising done by independent agents, sign shops and designers must adhere to our product guidelines without over-representing the ease of installation, the color-fastness, the speed of delivery or any other factual attributes as dictated by LetterBank, which is subject to change. Stay in touch to stay up to date. We may create a special page on FB or other social media to keep you abreast of any changes, policy and new product roll-outs.

You're welcome to send in your ideas.
Before and after photos are particularly effective, send us yours, using our product. New product use ideas? Share what sells in your area and we may feature you on our social media.

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