Very Large Letters

For projects, promotions, shows and displays, our customer Very Large Letters are a cost-effective solution.

We're glad to price your project.
Ask for a price quote or order below. 

Requests for price quotes must include the following:
 [1] Typestyle, [2] Capital height, [3] thickness, [4] exact wording, and [5] how many copies alike. We'll quote within 12-24 hours whenever possible. 


  • Made of indoor/outdoor foamed plastic
  • Available painted or unfinished
  • Available with flat bottom* for standing on floor
  • Max. 46" tall, maximum thickness is 30"
  • Minimum order is $175.00 excluding shipping. 

  • *Flat bottom and paint are extra-cost options. The final cost will be sent to you for approval once your order is received and reviewed. Send a vector file or fonts here: Send file: 

    Foam letters [<-link to article] are made of our super smooth small-cell foam for casting forms. The letters must be dissolved out after the concrete sets. This is for pros and crafters alike, and is provided as a frequently-requested substitute for the more cost, but reusable letters commonly in metal or rubber.

    Letter thickness: Choose from 1/2" (13mm) or 1" (25.5mm). Sizes as small as 1" capital height are possible, and sizes as tall as 46" can be made. More information here.