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Complete Pocket Banner set, 3x10 foot

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Tired of buying a new banner every time you have a sale or promotion?
The Changeable Pocket Banner takes care of that problem.
Includes LARGE 34 inch x 120 inch vinyl banner with 24 letter pockets,
Option includes 138-8" Black Letters, Red Numbers & Characters.
Attaches to just about anything with 4 nylon ropes, included. Heavy vinyl material make for a sturdy indoor/outdoor banner that will last for many years. Each row has a protective vinyl top-flap to keep the individual pocket free from debris. 24 individually sewn letter pockets allow for a nearly endless array of messages and slogans. Ships in 1-2 days. You can be ready to start your promotions RIGHT AWAY. Made in USA
Order NOW to take advantage of this temporary price reduction. Limited time offer to introduce this banner. Offer subject to expiring without notice.
Set contains 90 letters, 30 numbers and 18 symbols