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Cover-Up Fabric, fabric repair for awnings, tents and sails (14" 18" 54")

  • $ 248.00

WHOLESALE ONLY. No further discounts apply. NEW 5-yard rolls available!
This is DuraStik self-adhesive rolls of tightly woven real fabric- with an aggressive adhesive on the back- for applying to awnings (vinyl and canvas), jackets, flags, sailboat and sail surfer sailcloth and more. Ready to cut on your plotter using a new 45° blade or 60° blade or with scissors and an x-acto knife.
Makes an excellent patch for tents, watercraft and car convertible tops and awnings.*This is a custom product and is not returnable.
Additional note: This roll of woven self-adhesive cloth has the strongest commercially available acrylic adhesive, so you will need a strong tack tape and a little patience. Be sure to allow time for the extra care needed to apply.
White material is available in different roll widths. Color 54" rolls here

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