Working with Awnings & Lettering

Working with Awnings & Lettering

I want to put lettering or a logo on my awning

What I need to know before I begin.

Find out what kind of material your awning is made of before anything else.

If you don't check first, this product may not work as desired.

In the last part of the 20th century, awnings were predominantly made of a canvas, vinyl or composite fabric material. To find out of our AwnGrip Awning Lettering works for you, you must determine which kind you have before you proceed so you can order the right products.

The lettering and logos are all custom-made to order, so let's figure out what you've got.

If you have doubt as to the kind of awning material you have, ask the awning installer (usually has a label on the inside of the awning) or send us a clear focused close-up photo so LetterBank | MyDIYsigns (the awning lettering company) might be able to tell you what they think it is. You can also try feeling the awning cloth to see if it feels 'plasticky' or rougher like fabric. Once a company creates the custom awning lettering, they can't be returned, so check first.

NEW- You can also send a small piece for testing to the address below.

My awning has letters on it already-
Can I cover up the old letters with AwnGrip

Maybe! That depends on the kind of awning material and the type of lettering.
If the awning is canvas fabric, you can have some sign paint mixed to match the awning (looks good only if you leave it to an expert) or you can cover it with self-adhesive AwnGrip fabrics available here. Be sure to clean the awning thoroughly first, so you're not matching the color if it has dirt and soot on it.
If the awning is Sunbrella™ or vinyl, you may need a special industry paint, like OneShot™ with PaintMask available here or order our high-tack Reflective Letters here.
You might also consider opting for a fabric (or vinyl) banner or a rigid sign (requires drilling into the awning frame) to attach temporarily to the awning, and to cover existing lettering. Ask us about this option below.

Clean the awning
Determine what kind of material your awning is made from, and use the appropriate cleaner. Usually mild detergent and water with a scrub brush (the telescoping kind used for cleaning cars works well). Be sure to get all the soap residue off and allow to dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours. For fabric awnings in humid locations, this may take several days.

Paint awning
You can paint most awnings, but be sure to use the right kind of paint.
See "My awning has letters on it already- How do I cover it up?" above.

NEW Awning MASK to cover over existing awning words

In late February 2014, LetterBank introduced Awning AwnGrip MASK, a product designed to cover over existing lettering on most awning fabrics. The new lettering comes on a background of contrasting color fabric. A surprising advantage is that the single piece (background with new lettering) is much easier to apply than individually cut letters for almost everyone we called to ask. Check it out! 

New full-color masks

In late May 2017, LetterBank introduced the full-color printed mask, which now allows a full-color photograph or logo and wording to be printed onto a material attached to the fabric mask for additional promotions and making an old awning an eye-catching sign. See sample here
Apply letters to awning Allow enough time to do this without rushing. A warm day with little or no wind is ideal. We encourage you to determine the placement of the wording before starting. You may want to ask a sign company person, or someone with high level of aptitude, to stand by to help in case you need help before you get started. Some people ask sign companies to do the installation.

Replace awning? 
Sometimes, starting fresh may be the best start. Replacing the awning may be the most expensive option available, but it will allow you to create exactly the look you want.

Ordering the right kind of letters

Kinds of letters:

AwnGrip™ self-adhesive fabric letters (available once again February 2020).
For lettering on fabric awnings. The AwnGrip™ fabric can be used on most woven fabric awnings except Sunbrella™ and any silicone-treated fabrics. AwnGrip™ is a woven fabric made for outdoor use, and has an extremely aggressive acrylic adhesive. Individual colors only.
You can request a price quote for a full-color logo by sending your art and dimensions here.
Order a sample here

Vinyl self-adhesive letters (available once again February 2020).

Vinyl letters are good for lettering on Sunbrella™  vinyl and glass (non-porous surfaces). The vinyl letters may also be used on vehicles and any smooth, clean painted surface. See Applying Letters below.

Reflective self-adhesive letters
You can use these on glass, vehicles and on certain vinyl awnings, too. See Applying Letters below. Good for night-time visibility for installations illuminated by car headlights.

MASK System: letters already on a contrasting background panel, ready to cover old wording
Great for fabric awnings that have an old business name or service, phone number, logo or almost anything you want to cover up. Also great for much simpler installation! Awning MASK system available February 2020.

Paint Mask for painting letters (available by quote).
Letter Mask is a self-adhesive material, where instead of letters, you get the part surrounding the letters so that you can use a paint roller to apply paint over the paint mask, then remove the mask to reveal accurately painted letters.

AwnGrip Material in Bulk for sign professionals and hand-cutting designs. White and a few basic colors are available in rolls or by the foot.  Order by the roll or by the yard.

Designing your wording
We welcome files from your graphic designer. See art requirements here.
LetterBank can also design your wording specifically for your needs. Our complete art department is available for as little as $60 per hour.

Maximum available space
Be sure to tell us when you have limited space! When ordering, use the optional "Maximum Area" text field.

How to measure the area that needs to be covered up,
or the available space for the new lettering

On a ladder (get help! Safety first) carefully measure the exact height of the existing lettering and the width. Add a few inches on either side- you'll be glad you did when you go to install the new awning mask.
Write the dimensions and send them for a price quote on your project.

See also: How can I cover an old business awning?

Any Questions or comments?
That's why we're here. Send an email to letterbank
LetterBank c/o 1105 Pacific St., 93401-3662 USA

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Color printed materials are available but are sold without warranty.


  • Thomas said:


    I have a Sunbrella awning. What product would you use for lettering? Thank you!

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    Would you be able to give me colors you used if I was interested in using the same colors for my place of work? I really love the colors on Serena & Lily building.

    January 07, 2023

  • jay Phillips said:

    I own a awning company and we mostly use Sunbrella fabric. Will your product be the material that we need to add company names or addresses to our product? Do you have a distributor in our area? We are located at 3418 Martin Drive, New Bern, NC 27562. My number is 252-635-0076

    May 18, 2022

  • Graylon Brown said:

    Good day to you all . I would like to know! Do u all carry the dove
    Pictures that can be placed on a canvas material awning. And also address numbers for the canvas awnings

    January 10, 2019

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