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Framed prints

  • $ 129.90

Framed Prints

These elegant and handsome frames have genuine wood styling.
However, they're constructed with an eco-friendly recycled polystyrene material which is more lightweight than real wood frames and much more durable in all climates. 

  • 2 frame styles: Silver and Natural Wood.


  • Recycled Eco-Friendly PolyStyrene
  • 3/16" foamcore backing
  • Print material is Adhesive Vinyl + UV Printed
  • Hanging hardware included 
Note: Framed Prints require 1” safety margin from each side. Please keep all critical elements (text, images, graphic elements, logos, etc..) 1” away from edges.
    Prices are from ready-to-print file. If file is not "print-ready" we'll need to add $49-$98 setup.

    For sizes not shown, request a price quote: Link to price request form

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