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Gemini Pronto ADM Punctuation Set

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Gemini Pronto letters are made from an injection molded precision blank. Each panel is molded with a small raised edge on the back side of the letter that prevents the screen-printed ink from being scratched off as the letters are moved around the track. The molded-in feet keep debris from interfering and UV inks are used (no VOC's) so there are no harmful emissions during the manufacturing process. Lifetime replacement warranty.
2 each - Ampersand, Period, Comma, Exclamation Point, Dash, Question Mark,
2 each - Colon, Semi Colon, Left Quote, Right Quote, Apostrophe, Slash
2 each - Dollar Sign, Cent Sign, One Half, One Quarter
2 each - Left Parenthesis, Right Parenthesis, At Sign, Hashtag
2 each - Facebook symbol, LinkedIn Symbol, Twitter Symbol, .com
1 each - Percent, Plus