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Replacement Fiberglass v3 Sign Faces for Roadside Signs with RIGID LETTER TRACK 48x96"

  • $ 368.00

Replacement panels for popular readerboard signs WITH RIGID TRACK for thick 0.060" to 0.090" letters like 8" on 8-7/8" Pronto letters.

Panels are reinforced V3 FiberGlass with vertical corrugation as shown but feature Rigid track for Pronto letters.
Two 4x4 foot panels together make up each larger sign 'face'; Each sign face covers ONE SIDE of your 4x8 sign. ORDER TWO FACES TO COVER BOTH SIDES OF TYPICAL SIGN. 

RIGID track is for rigid letters (order letters separately: Pronto letters with lifetime warranty) 

Ask for a quote (include your full street address for a freight estimate as well). 

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