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Wind Sign Deluxe 61" tall x 30" wide sign frame

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  • 61"h x 30"w 
  • Utilizes "Quick Change" feature
  • Tool free assembly
  • Sand fillable base
  • Will not break or tip over in wind gusts
  • Stay tabs assure sign stays in place
  • Two-sided (holds 2 signs per frame, sold separately)
"Quick Change" feature enables sign blanks to be changed in seconds and stay securely in place.  Sand fillable plastic base with factory installed wheels.  All plastic frame, eliminates torn, bent or rusted frames.  Tool free assembly. 
Use Coroplast or other material 3/16" thick or less Two-sided (holds two signs per frame) Size Info Wind Sign Deluxe: 61" x 30" (Insert Size: 44" x 28")