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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see what I'm ordering?
Place your order and request a proof (or email with your order number to request a proof). If new artwork is included with the order, our art department will create it for you. If new art is an optional cost, we will let you know how to pay so we can move forward with the order.

What if the proof is not what I want?
We do our best to make sure you get exactly what you seek on the first try. If you left out something, or the instructions were interpretable in different ways, there is a minimum new art revision charge of $20.00 per revision. If it's our fault and we misinterpreted your request, we'll create and send you new artwork. 

What kind of artwork do I need to send you?
We need a png file the exact size of the order (if you order a 3x10 file, we need 3x10 artwork), or a vector file. Ask your graphic artist what that is, or contact us for the cost of creating your banner layout as vector art.

I don't understand some of the terms
As recently as 10-20 years ago, customers recognized the value of hiring a good graphic artist or creative to design their signs. These days, many people expect the sign shop to design the print as well as to print it correctly. Well, we have a full art department that can help you for a separate fee- think of it as a full-time graphic specialist to work with you in developing your design.

Sign shops may offer to design your sign, but how good are they, really?
The sign shop is only as effective as the people that make the decision as to what is profitable for their company to produce. Sometimes there's one person that does little but to "type out" sign layouts, one after the other. At LetterBank / MyDIYsigns, we are staff owned and operated. Every one of us has a stake in getting your sign designed right, the first time. We specialize in typographic design that's eye-catching, easy to read and colorful.

What size banner do I need? See Banner Design

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