Free Basic Guide to Laying Out and Planning Wall Sign Letters

Free Basic Guide to Laying Out and Planning Wall Sign Letters

Free Guide to Layout your Wall Sign Letters

What are wall sign letters?
For us, that term "Wall Sign Letters" refers to any lettering that can be applied or installed onto a wall or over an event venue, business or storefront.

Different kinds: 
There are flat cut metal, flat cut plastic, cast metal, fabricated (hollow) metal, injection-molded and standard molded plastics. All are made and sold with a lifetime replacement warranty (ask for details).

What styles of letters are there to choose from?
We make letters in a plain block, scripts, bold extended and compressed styles as well as lighted letters. Each serves best in a particular design or application.

This is where our expertise comes in handy- Ask us about your project and how we may be able to guide you through the process.

That's where this worksheet comes in handy. See below.

Click the link below for the worksheet. Remember, the more information we receive, the better we can help you to get the best value and design.

How will you be using the lettering?
Wall mount, entranceway, gated community, school or church wall, military or business complex, museum, art installation or perhaps something else.

How are the letters installed?
A simple paper template can be ordered to allow for fast and simple pre-drilling of the mounting holes. Once the letters are checked for correct depth and alignment, an epoxy cement is used to secure the studs in the wall surface. Letters may be flat-mounted or offset (spaced away from the wall for uneven wall surfaces).

Provide us with the details of your project.
If you don't know some of the information, use your best guess to get the ball rolling on your project quote. You will need to find out: 
[1] Size of wall area you want your lettering on, include a photo and exact dimensions for the best result.

Also be sure to include: 
[2] How far the lettering will be from people looking for you. Measure in feet, yards or meters.

Print this out and return with the information requested.

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