Storm and vandal-damaged signs, insurance and claims

Storm and vandal-damaged signs, insurance and claims

That'll buff right out. Pylon sign damage for the insurance company settlement.This is a brief review of the options for making a claim when your sign is vandalized or otherwise damaged in an accident, fire or storm.

If you've experienced damage or need This storm-damaged sign may only require a new frame or sign facesreplacement signs, immediately take photos of the damage close up and at a short distance so the damage can be viewed in context of its surroundings.

Your insurance agency may have a form for you to go over items like a checklist so you can write down items damaged or lost as you remember them.

Note that signs are usually NOT included in insurance checklists and are costly to replace, so a little extra effort now will pay off for you in the end.

A few temporary fixes here:
Printed vinyl banner, rigid signs, pylon sign bag covers. Partial list of replacement materials: Signs, replacement plastic sign faces, letter sets, sidewalk and curb sign frames.

If you've experienced damage in the past, you probably know that there are many things demanding your attention. This is a resource checklist for after critical and emergency situations have been addressed.

This is perfect for a temporary sign bag coverFor external lighted permanent signs (anchored to the ground or to the building): Get measurements so you can find the right replacement

____ Sign cover 'bag' sign printed with logo fits over your existing sign SIZE?

____ Temporary banner sign for building

____ Curb sign frames with printed sign inserts

____ Window signs in static cling or removable vinyl

For portable and signs not anchored down or attached to a building:
Get measurements so you can find the right replacement

____ Temporary banners 

____ Replacement fiberglass sign faces

____ 3x4 foot free-standing signs with changeable letters

____ Curb sign frames with printed sign inserts

____ Wind signs with ballasted base

____ Dimensional and carved signs

____ Other _________________________________________________________

Damaged permanent lighted school marquee sign

The links provided go to LetterBank and MyDIYsigns, specialist companies for fast replacement and insurance-claim sign products.

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