Wording for Entrances & Gated Communities

Wording for Entrances & Gated Communities

For durable, made-to-order lettering that will withstand time:
Where do we begin?

When doing research on lettering for your wall, gated entrance or home and business identification, here are a few pointers and a checklist that will save you a lot of time and worry.

All of our metal and acrylic letters come with a lifetime limited warranty not to fade, crack, chip or peel.

Start at the beginning. 
You'll need a tape measure and a way to record the measurements, as well as the camera on your smartphone to send photos of the undecorated wall along with your request.

Stylish or easy-to-read style?
We have countless years of experience to share with you on this project. Whether you want it to look elegant and refined, trendy, upscale or modern, the choice of materials, color and sizes will impact how your project is viewed for decades to come. 
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Standing out from your surroundings! 

Are there similar decorated walls in the vicinity? Send a photo if there's a wall you particularly would like to look like ( clear photos are very helpful ). Are there colors that are part of HOA or Community Guidelines that must be followed? Let us know with your request and we're glad to work with you. 

Make it happen.
Get started now with a price quote request or if you're not yet ready, ask for assistance. We can include a mock-up free with your order, or for a small set-up fee without an order. Just ask!


Best to you and your projects! LetterBank + MyDIYsigns Team

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