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Econo Classic molded sign frame for 24" x 36" inserts

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Blank, poly molded sign frame. Use with inserts 24" x 36" tall. Need to use signs without a "pop-in" feature? See standard frames.
Due to factory procedure, items ordered may take three to five days or longer before being shipped.
NOTE ON SHIPPING WEIGHT: Select "Cost determined and added when item ships".
Getting 25 or more? We make the custom signs, too.  Add your own sign inserts 24" x 36" wide. Closed thickness 1.5" [4mm]. US Patent # 5,288,453. Others pat.pend. FOB IL or CA. Estimated ground shipping is $27 to $34 for 1-5 signs, ground continental shipping USA.

*Changeable letter boards include complete letter set- ready to use!
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