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Flash Retractable Stand

Flash Retractable Stand

  • $ 89.95

With a two-tone Grey and Black finish, the Flash gives a very chic display at a very economical price. The removable foot snaps into place for speedy assembly. Manufactured from impact modified plastics with a steel inner structure, this system is strong yet lightweight. Bag optional.
Quality Level: economy<br>
Size: 39"x8"x6"<br>

Weight: 12 lb. Ships at 16 lb.<br>

Graphic Height: 79.5"<br>

Graphic Width: 31.5"<br>

Graphic Bleed Top 6"<br>

Graphic Bleed Bottom: 6"<br>Don't hassle creating
a custom banner to fit this stand- Order a banner
with your stand, and we will custom-fit it- Ready
to display.<hr>
Prices for options are for ordering with a banner stand, and may be more if ordered separately.

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