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Single-use foam concrete casting letters QUOTE REQUEST ONLY

Single-use foam concrete casting letters QUOTE REQUEST ONLY

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Use this Quote Request form

This product is made to order and must be quoted based upon your project specs
We're here to answer questions and to price your project. Use this Quote Request form or Send your project layout for the project cost.

Be sure to include : 

[1] Typestyle,
[2] capital height,
[3] thickness,
[4] exact wording and
[5] how many readings alike. 
Read: Info on using concrete form letters

Letter thickness:
Choose from 1/2" (13mm) or 1" (25.5mm).
Letter heights as small as 2" capitals are possible, and sizes as tall as 46" can be made.

Tall letters 12" and greater may be made up to 12 or 18" thick. See article on large display letters

Use this Quote Request form

We quote the same day whenever possible. See also: Article on very large foam letters up to 46" tall.

Due to the setup and special handling, our minimum order is $274.00 for one-use smooth foam letters up to 28 square feet, cuttable from a master 4x8 sheet. NOT available for online ordering - kindly use the quote request formThe final cost will be determined and sent to you for approval prior to accepting your project.
Foam letters are made of our smooth small-cell foam for casting forms. The letters must be dissolved out after the concrete sets. This is for pros and crafters alike, and is provided as a frequently-requested substitute for the more costly but reusable letters commonly in metal.

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