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Model 4204 Rollable Spring Sidewalk Sign

Model 4204 Rollable Spring Sidewalk Sign

  • $ 289.50

Key Features:

Easy to use Front Loading Poster-Grip̴å¬ System.

Heavy-duty aluminum frame construction.

Distinctive Rounded Corners.

Dual-spring steel base, with powder coating for optimal rust resistance.

Withstands strong wind gusts.

All-weather aluminum back panel.

Weather/impact-resistant ballasted polyethylene base.

Built-in wheels engage to 'tip and roll' easily.


Base attaches easily to frame with hand knob and washers- no tools!

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Model Number: 4204
Material: Aluminum Frame, White Fluted Polypropylene Back, Gray
Molded Polyethylene Base
Finishes: Black w/Black Corners, Satin Silver w/Black Corners
Usage: Outdoors

Rail Width: 1.73‰ۡó? Top & Bottom, 1.76‰ۡó? Sides

Corner: Round

Insert Size: 28‰ۡó? x 44‰ۡó?

Visual Area: 26.36‰ۡó? x 43.25‰ۡó?

Bleed: .82‰ۡó?W x .375‰ۡó?H

Overall Size: 29.88‰ۡó? x 46.70‰ۡó?

Insert Thickness (max): .060‰ۡó?

Base Dimensions: 25‰ۡó?W x 6.2‰ۡó?H x 27‰ۡó?D

Shipping Weight: 37 LBS (UPS) + oversize charge

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