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Sidewalk Sign Frame, poly molded for 24x36" sign. NEW!

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<p>Sidewalk Sign</p>
<p> * Sign blanks quickly slide in and out and stay securely in place.<br />
* 24&quot;x 36&quot; sign blanks can be changed in seconds. Use coroplast, aluminum, acrylic or any foamboard.<br />
* Outrigger feet slide into place and &quot;click-lock&quot; into position with no tools required. (As an option, screws are provided to secure feet to frame.)<br />
* Outrigger feet can be filled with sand or water. Each foot takes 5 lbs. of sand. Free funnel with every order to facilitate loading.<br />
* Molded-in tie down hole allows chaining or wiring for security precautions.<br />
* Message Boards &amp; Marker Boards available in black or white.(see pdf for details)<br />
* Small footprint and classic design provide an aesthetic plus for any situation.</p>
<p>Outside Dimensions: 40.7&quot; H x 30.66&quot; W (foot 16.92&quot; D)</p>
<p>Weighs 10.3 Lbs.</p>
<p>When filled with sand, the sign frame weighs 22.5 lbs.</p>
<p> </p>
<hr>Ships FOB CA or IL in about 3 days from order. Sorry, no rush orders.