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Outdoor Light Box Steel Sign Cabinets

Outdoor Light Box Steel Sign Cabinets

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Outdoor-ready lightbox cabinet, UL Listed and labeled. 4x8 foot cabinet with white plastic.
This is a very sturdy, well-made sign for all standard outdoor applications like over storefronts, directions, entrances, business signage. LED interior lighting gives virtually maintenance-free illumination. SA/UL label for all USA and Canadian installations.
Ships standard freight.
The cost of the sign includes $50 for carton/crating for pickup at our Toronto or upstate NY plant.

Allow an average of 8-16 work days following order.
Ships freight collect. This means that once the sign is made, crated and weighed, we will have the best freight option available to your address ship it to you. You must pay them at that time for delivery. When checking out, this ecommerce system may show an option for prepaying shipping. That is a 'placeholder' freight charge. See below. We can bill you separately for freight once it is determined.

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