A Quick Guide: What are my options in awning lettering?

A Quick Guide: What are my options in awning lettering?

This is a fast read for those that want wording on their awnings.
What are my options?

[1] You can buy material by the yard (white or color) and cut it yourself,
[2] you can order pre-spaced lettering, ready to install,
[3] you can order lettering on a background panel to install in one piece,
[4] you may order a printed panel with lettering and logo
and [5] you can order a printed graphic image, contour cut to the shape of your image.

These options are also in the order of costs from lower to higher.

Which is best for my awning?
The easiest to apply or to have installed professionally are the panels, as they apply in one piece.
The least costly is usually the individual, pre-spaced lettering.
The most attractive and eye-catching is usually the contour-cut printed graphic.

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